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Mason's "WELCOME" board honors where he was born and raised, Manhattan Beach, CA. The boardwalk scene has a subtle personal references woven in and is illuminated with a sunset utilizing transparent links. The top screen features mason's pro icon.

Product Features

    • Mason Welcome 8.0 Skateboard Deck

      Element skateboard decks are made with the most cutting-edge technologies and best materials for an unrivaled combination of durability and functionality.

        Element Featherlight construction
        • The most popular Element shape, commonly known as "14"
        • Standard concave, not to steep not to mellow
        • Premium 7-ply maple construction
        • Thinner, stronger veneers creating lightness without compromising strength
        • Performance concave adding extra flick
        • Does not come with griptape

    Premium seven ply construction

    Industry standard

    Thinner veneers

    Proformance concave

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