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Catch the Element team on Thrasher’s “King of the Road” showing on VICELAND every week where they compete with two other teams on the skate trip of a lifetime, shedding blood and dignity to be crowned the Kings of the Road.

Featured on the show are Nyjah, Evan Smith, Mason Silva, Tyson Peterson, Madars Apse and special guests including Bam Margera. This collection features iconic images of the riders from the trip, complete with a huge sticker pack and limited edition ‘zine.

These boards are Element Featherlight, Premium 7-ply decks, the same boards skated and destroyed by the team on “King of the Road."

Sizing Grid

Width 8.25"
Length 32"
Wheelbase 14.5"
Nose 6.875"
Tail 6.375"

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