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Video Check Out: Rowan Davis - Transworld

Age: 16
Home: Newcastle, Australia
Sponsors: Element, Nike SB, Theeve trucks, Arrow wheels, Newcastle skate shop

Next country you want to visit: Greece.
Am who should be pro: Simon Bannerot.
Best style: T-Funk, Nick Boserio.
Go-to video part to get you hyped: Kevin Bradley, Nike SB Chronicles, Nick Boserio, Life Splicing.
Warm up spot: Any skatepark.
Trick you need to learn: Switch flip/nollie flip.
Recommended reading: VCR manuals.
Words of advice from your TM: You better not be "bunting."--Geoff Campbell

Rowan Davis is one of the most motivated up and coming skaters I've seen in a long time. An ability to skate all street terrain and an insatiable hunger to stack clips sees him rolling up to a spot, getting something gnarly, then heading off to the next spot to do it again, all with style and a rawness that is unmistakable.--Chris Middlebrook

Follow Rowan: @rowbagz_