Element HQ Refurb

We had the legends Michael and Carlene from Cedar & Suede come and refurbish our Element HQ on the Gold Coast and we could not thank them enough!

Apart from out office looking primo, we now have the ideal office environment where you can mix work and play. No joke we have a mini in our office.

Words by Micheal and Carlene from Cedar & Suede

"In fairness, there was more to this fit out than the staff just needing a good skate to let off steam. The brand's clothing designers required zoning to distinguish the men’s range, Element from Eden, the women’s range of the brand. They also required organisational solutions, areas to display and view their product, and workspaces inviting staff to congregate and brainstorm.

Like their approach to their product line, these guys wanted a raw, earthy, edgy aesthetic but with some clean lines. There was no getting around the warehouse feel of this office in all it’s vastness and concrete glory but we were able to add some sense of refinement by constructing an 1100mm high counter clad in dark, smoked oak timber flooring, which served as both hanging storage for sample clothes and a functional working top to deliberate designs."

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