Christian Low Hangs with Skateistan Organisation in Cambodia

"We Use Skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change" -Skateistan Mission Statement

Element rider Christian Low has been travelling through South East Asia for the last couple of months and got to stop by and hang with the good crew of Skateistan! He gave the kids there some skate lesions and played a game of S.K.A.T.E with Educator Tin.

If you'd like to find you what Skateistan does/ how to get involved or donate go check them out here: https://www.skateistan.org/

What Skateistan is about?

Skateistan began as a grassroots 'Sport for Development' project on the streets of Kabul in 2007, and is now an award-winning, international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with projects in Afghanistan and Cambodia. Skateistan is the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes. Skateistan is non-political, independent, and inclusive of all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds.

Skateistan aims to always be an innovative social project with quality.

We work with youth ages 5-18
Over 50% of our students are streetworking children
40% of our students are girls

What we do:
- provide access to education
- focus especially on girls and working children
- develop leadership opportunities
- build friendship, trust, and social capital