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Bowl-a-Rama 2017 Recap

Bowl-a-Rama 2017 Recap

What a weekend for skateboarding! Element Pro Tom Schaar placed 2nd at the General Pants Bowl A Rama competition last Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of February in Bondi, Sydney.

The seventeen-year-old from Cardiff California was hungry for the winning title after he finished third in last years’ event. Competing against a field of over 50 Pro Skaters from around the world. Tom was a stand out on finals day with his big classic 540’s, floaty backside ollie’s and his fast flawless runs. Safe to say Tom will be back next year and even more determined to land himseld in that number one spot!

To celebrate 25years of the Element brand, the team held a Pro signing with Tom Schaar, Greyson Fletcher and Julian Davidson. The kids went mental!


Final Results
1. Corey Juneau
2. Tom Schaar
3. Jono Schwan
4. Rune Glifberg
5. Beaver Fleming
6. Luke Russell
7. Clay Kreiner
8. Josh Rodriguez

1. Steve Caballero
2. Tony Hawk
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Mike McGill
5. Darren Navarrette
6. Renton Millar
7. Eddie Elguera
8. Jed Fuller

1. Jordyn Barratt
2. Brighton Zeuner
3. Poppy Olsen
4. Amelia Brodka
5. Sari Simpson

1. Keegan Palmer
2. Tate Carew
3. Taylor Nye
4. Luigi Cini
5. Dylan Donnini