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Advocate Beastman teams up with Red Bull Curates

What takes 102 aerosol spraycans, rolls upon rolls of masking tape, a very large ruler and a cherry picker crane?

This magical mural on The Walk in Dubai’s JBR by Australian street artist Brad ‘Beastman’ Eastman, who flew in from his home in Bali, Indonesia, last month to marvel up some local art.

What’s that you say? You missed it? Catch up in under one and a half minutes in this awesome timelapse video.

Over three days Brad turned a blank, beige corner of a building into a two-storey abstract landscape mural called Convergence, as part of Red Bull Curates.

The Beastman uses a bright colour palette to depict the different elements of nature - here, reminiscent of the sea and sand surrounding JBR.

And now Dubai has its very own tamed beast.

Source: Red Bull Curates