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Winter with Element Womens Design Manager Amber!

Winter with Element Womens Design Manager Amber!

June - a month where nature slows down, the sun stands still, and a perfect time to embrace the chill.

We recently caught up with Amber Lee-Bernstein, the delightful Element Womens Design Manager over a hot coffee on a warm winters morning to catch up on the new June collection and what she loves to do on her winter weekends.

Amber! Winter is finally here and we are super happy to release the dark floral print for June. Where did your inspiration come from for this design?

The skate culture for females has a somewhat stereotypical boyish aesthetic, we wanted to challenge that and add in a feminine edge by creating a floral but making sure it was dark and distressed with lots of negative space. I love this print as you can rock it up with a leather jacket and boots. When you step away from the desk and travel, watch a movie or visit a gallery; inspiration can strike – in this case it was on a trip to Havana, Cuba. It was one of the most amazing cultural experiences for me and has left a big impact. Not only the political system that had led to where the country is now but also the decay of a past splendour. Behind every door was a chipped and colour faded wonderland. It was this view that etched away our floral art and lent it its soft colour palette.

The Element womens brand has recently gone through quite a transition. Can you tell us a little about the new direction for Element womens?

It’s always good to evolve and grow – the womens side of the skateboard brand has gone back to its foundations, but with fresh eyes to reinvent and interpret its self for a new phase. We are super excited to bring a more unified feel to the brand with the men’s side. We still believe in creativity and being a positive energy with more inspiration drawn from skate culture, the arts and nature. You can see this shift in the brand feel on our social channels and it has been responded to really well so the future is looking fun!

Now that the sun is taking its time to come out, what do you like to do on your winter weekends?

My weekends have been pretty busy lately, road trips into northern New South Wales are a favourite. I love staying in cute air bnb places – I really appreciate the character and vibe way more than a hotel and you can always pick up some great local tips for the area.

You are always delving into something creative, are you working on any creative projects outside of work?

I have a few little sewing and home reno projects on the go at the moment – some may call it nesting.

Do you have a favourite artist that brightens your Insta feed?

I am still a big Insta fan. I follow a lot of homewear brands, plants, stylists and artists. A few favourites right now are:

  • •Lily Johannah @lilyjohannah
  • •Jordana Henry @jordi_pordi
  • •Blacklist Studio @blacklitstudio

Is there a quote you have in mind that makes you happy?

I don’t really have a quote that comes to mind but I always sing lines from songs that relate to what I am doing or a conversation. . . And I can’t sing and often get the words wrong but its still fun for me, not so much for those around me haha.

Can you give us a sneak peak into what we are expecting to see from Element womens for spring? We are counting down the days!

Yes I can’t wait for spring to be released – there are 3 collections under the banner `Paradise City.’ You can expect some great fabrics, prints and wash treatments on natural fabrications. The look is more urban than where we have been previously, but I love it! There are lots of great pieces that I will be adding to my wardrobe.

Where to from here for you Amber?

The next little adventure will actually take me away from the desk for a while. Going to try my hand at the mum life :)

Thanks Amber! xx