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"Where troubles melt like lemon drops" By Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

One thing I love about long road trips or plane rides is that it almost forces you to do, mmm close to nothing. Which leaves you lots of time to ponder and just be still. As we were inching our way closer and closer to home sweet home I began to prepare myself for the changes to come. Just then the air began to fill with the sweet smell of a warm fall Midwest rain. Ohh how I missed that smell!! The droplets pitter-pattered against my poor worn out car and I continued to daydream.

Daydreaming about how much joy I am so blessed to receive by so many all over the country. Joy from working with so many, in hopes of helping to make their visions or dreams come true. That sort of joy is unlike any other that cannot be bought or found through material things.  I quickly snap back to reality as we drive over an old familiar bridge that crossed the lake that is so near and dear to all locals at Lake of the Ozarks. Just then over the top of the next hill, there formed not one rainbow but TWO! I could not have asked for a better welcoming gift!

I am thankful that I learned about this joy through example of all of the amazing people I grew up around, here in my hometown. Because of them I feel empowered to go out and be just like this rainbow, a vessel of hope... Hope that brings a promise of sunshine and clear skies.

Stay tuned! The adventures are just beginning!