What Inspires You Ladies Lunch - Bondi

What Inspires You Ladies Lunch - Bondi

Give this world good energy!

On Saturday 20th of February the Element Eden team hosted a special what inspires you ladies lunch with Kat Parker at Drake Eatery in Bondi, Sydney.

We gave the world good energy and encouraged creative and like minded girls to come together to share what inspires them and to recognize the talent of local Bondi photographer Kat Parker.

We wined, dined, laughed and created new friendships with girls from all over Sydney! Illustrators, artists, photographers, foodies, designers and the like.

It was an absolute delight to meet so many inspirational, creative and independent girls with a passion for life and ambition for happiness.

On invite, each guest was given a disposable camera to capture images from their hometown and to explore what their own city has to offer.

Inline with our new Hello Hometown collection, we encouraged the girls to act like travellers and see their hometown through fresh eyes, to collect memories, souvenirs and capture moments.

Excited and full of smiles, we collected the cameras off the girls at the lunch and now look forward to sharing these #MyHelloHometown photos with you through out the autumn season.

If you missed the `What Inspires You?’ video on Kat Parker then give your eyes a treat and view the clip here: