What Inspires You? - Alex Olsen

What Inspires You? - Alex Olsen

Introducing the next instalment of `What Inspires You?' with friend of the brand Alexandra Olsen from Violet Gray Designs.

Alex has an endless sunshine glow that compliments her creation of delicate jewellery pieces inspired by travel, culture and living with more meaning.

Recognise beauty and share it! This is the pure and simple purpose of Alex. It all starts when a gem, jewel or stone connects with you. They encompass power.

I just love the magic behind stones... nobody really knows their ‘meaning’, it is more about how they make you feel when worn. Each piece, each stone is full of character and individual beauty. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of decorative art and since ancient times has been utilised as a key form of self-expression.

It is a way of sharing who we are and then if there is a personal meaning infused, it connects the internal and external worlds. I love it when I see women connecting with their pieces, when they `become apart of them.’ When they attach an intention, manifestation or desire to their textile reminder and then each time they see it, they are reminded of this personal quest. We all have busy monkey minds, so jewels with intention bring us back into the present.” – Alex Olsen.