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Welcome to the Family Dennis Durrant

We are proud to welcome Dennis Durrant to the Element Australia family.

Dennis Durrant is truly an impeccable skateboarder. Anyone who has seen him first hand (or on film) will know that he not only has the knack for tech feats, but he skates with a power and speed that only a few greats can maintain. And yes, there has been a recurring debate around why he is or isn’t pro.

There is no doubt that many top pros would yearn for the technique that Dennis possesses. It seems that Dennis could have been pro for pretty much anyone if he could have been arsed with the networking and being surrounded by the people who he would never naturally be friends with. After all, sadly this is sometimes what it takes to excel in the professional realm of any given field. Instead of spending time making the “right” career moves and coming up with a dank, yet catchy nickname, Dennis has been out there shredding and documenting with his mates, who are all equally progressive.

He has recently been picked up by the Adidas International program and has been filming a welcome clip for the formal announcement. We are excited to have Dennis as part of the family and looking forward to a long partnership.