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We love boobies...

Breast cancer awareness has increased beautifully in recent years, and behind it all one of our favorite organizations, the Keep A Breast Foundation.  Keep A Breast does an amazing job of educating young people through art exhibits, events and programs... most particularly in action sports!  Their insanely amazing tag line can be found on wrists across the world, with boobies loved by the masses!

By utilizing the strength of art in communicating difficult feelings and thoughts on health, Shaney and co-founder Mona used their expertise in fashion design, photography and event planning to come up with the idea of using the female form to spread knowledge about breast cancer. They launched a series of art shows to exhibit one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso, each individually customized by artists, then sold to raise funds for breast cancer programs across the globe!

It was an honor to personally meet Shaney and hear the story in her own words while she created a cast of my chest, amongst other creative and inspiring women at the Create and Cultivate event with (No Subject) LA.

Keep doing what you do ladies and know that it's changing the world!


Big thanks to (NO SUBJECT) LA for bring us together!