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Watching the Spring 2013 Photoshoot Unfold…

A few weeks ago, the Eden girls and the Element dudes went in the studio, to shoot the Spring 2013 line. This is something I always forget about the apparel industry, until I am working directly in it: you always have to work extremely far in advance. Kind of crazy to see what’s going to be in stores almost a year from now. Sorry guys, you will have to wait and see for yourselves, however I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Everything looked AWESOME.

The designers had a vision for how they wanted their set to look for the shoot. A laid-back, “beach house” vibe was definitely desired…and achieved. Matt and Jerimy whipped out this wall in about 24 hours.

It turned out great, right?

I only got to see a small portion of the Eden shoot this week. Our model, Rayne, did an amazing job and the Eden girls delivered another insane collection of threads that I know you are all going to adore as much as I already do.