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Vertical Love

Let the beauty of love be what you do!

This quote precisely defines my dear friend and soulful sister Mataji Booker! She radiates love and light and when she sings, she commits to sharing her soul. It’s a beautifully intimate and captivating thing to hear her perform live. Her voice and her words will echo from your ears into your core and her honesty is something you’ll immediately adore.

I am soooooooo excited that the time has finally come for her to take rein of her dreams and record her first album VERTICAL LOVE with producer Tita Lima!!! Not only will this provide a platform for Mataji to share her music with an audience on a vast scale but it will allow us all the opportunity to hear the strength of her voice and weight of her words whenever we want to.

Like any other outlet of the arts, this project cannot live without the support of a community . Please reinforce your support and provide life for this project by donating what you can to help Mataji meet her goal on Kickstarter ! Your help will not only lift this lady up but it will contribute to the production of her album which includes recording, producing, packaging, shipping the album and working with amazing musicians and engineers who will also be investing their time and talents.

Please take 5 minutes to learn more about Mataji and give what you can to help her reach her goal. She’s nearly half way there with a week left between her and her dreams!!!