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Try Something New by Guest Blogger Element Eden Designer Wendy


Last week I reached out to my friends and asked if anyone had a spare violin that I could borrow.
I have never played one in my life or even held a bow.  A friend loaned me hers and I began learning the scales.
Ive never heard such horrible sounds come out of an instrument but I kept practicing and eventually learned “Twinkle, twinkle little star.”
Not perfect quite yet, but at least you can tell what song it is.  After my 2nd day of practicing, I committed to play the violin at a Christmas performance.
I acted on impulse (mostly because I thought it would be more funny than anything) but with less than 2 weeks to go, the nerves started kicking in.

But I remembered this saying somewhere and its stuck with me …
“To make a difference, you have to think different.”

I don’t think learning the violin is going to change anyone’s lives but it made me realize that as I got older, I took less and less risks.
I got comfortable of what I did, what I had, and where I was.  By learning violin for the first time made me think again and took me out of a daily routine.
It made me feel humble.

I hope that as the 2010 year comes to a close that 2011 brings new beginnings that bring laughter, excitement, and passion.
Take that first step and try something new.  Let go of inhibition and pride and feel free to be a little silly!