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True heart...

Kyleigh Kuhn's name is recognized strongly in the fashion industry as a model gracing the pages of Vogue, Who What Wear and various other style hubs... but few know this woman's beauty truly runs much deeper in spirit and heart.

With a mother as founder and key operator behind the non-profit organization Roots for Peace, a seed of philanthropy and selfless care towards those in need was something instilled in Kyleigh since day one.  At age 13, she took her first trip to the Balkans, helping Roots for Peace in it's mission of replacing the deadly minefields with prospering farmland.  From there, this seed took strong root, growing a heart of graciousness towards the issues within this world and taking strides to solve the problems of those considered "less fortunate".

Since graduating with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Kyleigh has not only continued on in her strong modeling career, but also managed to begin TWENTY FOUR SUNS.  With a vision to set up sustainable business models within war torn villages, Kyleigh has begun collaborating with designers and high end retailers to utilize and grow the skills of artisans within rural Afgan, to help build their resources towards a more prospering community for the future.

The Element Eden family couldn't be more inspired to not only hear Kyleigh's story, but get to know this woman on a personal level.

Thanks so much for chatting with us Kyleigh, we can't wait to one day travel with you and start getting our hands dirty!

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Photo by Anthony Deeying