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Traveling Journal ...

Growing up I was blessed to have such great women in my life that have shaped me into who I am today. It was a little fear of all of ours that when it was time for all of us to leave the nest that life would happen and we might drift. It has been so amazing to see that over the past years nothing close to that has happened, in fact, in some cases I feel we are closer than ever.

After we all spread out over America we thought it would be neat to start a sisterhood traveling journal. The rules were set, (due to the procrastination in all of us, rules were very necessary) each girl was to decorate and write on her page/pages in one week, you must send it in the right order, and no peeking if you see the journal out of turn!!

My mom and I started a journal three and a half years ago and are still going strong. It has been the most amazing thing to look back over the pages and see dreams and hopes of all of ours become realities. It is so easy to loose touch and just let "life" happen to you. We get so caught up in our day to day business that we loose touch with the relationships that mean most to us. Im not talking about sending an e mail or text message here and there, thats easy. But being intentional with the ones around you is what makes the difference. We are so easily sucked into technology that we forget how to really communicate face to face and we forget what pages of a real book feel like in our fingertips. I cant tell you how stoked I am when I see that packaged journal on my door step!

Take time to be intentional with those around you. Its those relationships and acts of selflessness that bring so much joy and encouragement into your life and others.