Totem Youth Events - 2018

Totem Youth Events - 2018

Totem began as a skate school back in 2010 but has since evolved into something much bigger, encompassing all sorts of skate related stuff. They've branched into the realms of skate park design and consultation, in-school and after-school sports, creative workshops, public talks and discussions, running an online skate shop, creating skate content for the core skate scene and, of course, running the community events that they're become best known for.

Totem’s focus is developing self esteem, personal identity and self image through positive attitudes and activities — skateboarding is simply their vehicle for this message. Totem Skateboarding is a Sydney-based business, however their roots began in Leeton, rural New South Wales, where head coaches Nigel and David grew up. It is this insight into city and country living that makes Totem such a unique team.

During Youth Week, back in April, Totem ran 37 events in NSW and travelled 12,000 kilometres over the course of 3 weeks. Below showcases a 3-minute documentary on their travels detailing some of what Totem do in terms of community events.

Element's proud to sponsor Totem along their journey as we strive as a brand to be a positive force through skateboarding.