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Too good not to... Happy Fourth Baby!

We had to repeat Val's post from her Guest Blogging series back in June of 2010!

.... just too good not to!

Happy fourth, get your party shorts on and find an American flag to salute!

start with:

(x1) pair of element eden limelight shorts or element eden trulie shorts

(x3) paint pens- i recommend (x2) white and (x2) red

(x1) x-acto knife & pencil & ruler

(x1) piece of hard posterboard for stencil (i used the hangtag from the shorts)

begin by practicing with your white paint pen, on the inside of your shorts, so you can get used to how the pen works.  once you are ready, prepare your stencil for your shorts.  my star is 1.25" at the widest point.  cut out star with x-acto knife, and place on shorts.  use stencil to draw the outline of your shorts.  remove stencil, and fill in star with paint pen.  place next star approx 2" away from next star.  if you end at a seam, draw a small part of the next star, to continue the pattern repeat.  once you are ready with your stripes, begin on the far left seam, using the seam as a ruler.  my red stripes are 1/2" wide, and approx 3/4" apart.  continue stripes up to waistband, and on coin pocket, but not on waistband.

x valerie @