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Words by photographer and friend of the brand Tia Duck.


A word I have learnt to embrace over the last few months.

It was struggle at first..between myself and routine..Between the allure of salt drenched waves and that never ending to do list I seemed to feed five times weekly.

I would stare at that list for what felt like hours, dark ink dancing about the page, forming unexplored lands, laughter filled adventures and bonfires by the sea. By the time I had finished romancing what my list could be, I had lost all time to complete what it actually was!

Now I know I'm a dreamer, but I can dabble in realism when I have to and I was certain there must have been a better routine for me than this.

After repeating the struggle with my imagination for weeks, I mused that if I could focus my energy on what I love, what I truly enjoy, perhaps my entire attitude would become more productive. So block out the negative I did. I was determined.

I worked through my list day by day, knowing that the weekend would come and soon I would be relaxing with a camera in my hand, guitar by my side and the sand beneath my toes. I began to live for the weekend..for what I enjoyed most in life.

As my attitude changed, so did my list. More and more I found myself adding things I enjoyed to that list. Expanding my weekend by doing things I love during the week also. Changing my lifestyle so I could make the most out of all days possible! It wasn't always easy with work, and weekday commitments, but the more I managed to squeeze in activities that made me happy during the working week..the shorter it became.

A few weeks ago I spent almost five hours behind the wheel of my car, on the way up to Byron Bay to meet some amazing creative people, but I loved it! I embraced it as a new adventure and am so glad I did! My friend Jemayah and I travelled to Byron to meet with the wonderfully talented Element Eden crew, and a selection of like-minded girls from around Australia. On our way there we explored waterfalls, rainforests, farmland and sun kissed coastlines with water so clear you could catch your reflection smiling! Locals welcomed us with unique knowledge and fresh produce as we tried to squeeze as much into our three days away as possible.

I was sure as we drove home I would feel deflated heading back to the working week ahead, but I simply couldn't. I was too excited and inspired by the sheer amount of possibilities that lay ahead! So many adventures to be had and new projects to begin. My list was filling up with it's most enjoyable 'To Dos' yet!

I smiled as we drove along, and was thankful that I have the freedom to direct my life in this way. That I have learnt to appreciate routine for what it is and what it can do for me. That now I am truly living for the weekend, I seem to be living my week days a whole lot more too.

Until next time dreamers…

Lots of love,