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The East Coast - With Nathan Jackson & Holly Veronica

The East Coast - With Nathan Jackson & Holly Veronica

Earlier this year Element Australia team rider Nathan Jackson and his girlfriend Holly Veronica ventured north to south along the east coast from Brisbane down to Melbourne; skating, camping and connecting with nature.

Holly captured moments of the trip on her film camera. Here is what went down:

`Nathan and I started on the road with a vision of connecting with nature, getting off the grid and skating.

The trip south (Brisbane to Melbourne) felt like a perfect way to start our year as we work to embrace and initiate change, mostly surrounding our connection to people, the world and technology. What better way than to be on the road sleeping in the car for 4-5 days!

Choosing to shoot photos using only a film camera, seemed to be the best option to help us be more connected through using less technology.

We were waking with the sun as an alarm clock and the ocean as our coffee. We prepared every meal in a new location, in our billy can and always together. It took us time, but it was the most satisfying part of our every day. The food tasted better and the memories more vivid.

As we travelled, stopping in Ballina, Belinga, Toowoon Bay and Sydney, being in nature gave us a freeing satisfaction. This began on the first morning, as the sun touched the horizon and we spotted 10 dolphins playing just off the coast. After that I felt gratitude for all the small moments.

Waking up to a morning swim, the deafening cicadas at night, the fresh water in the rivers and the hazy afternoons travelling through the sugarcane. There is something special about taking a deep breath out there and knowing you're lucky.

Obviously we skated every day too! This meant many stops at skateparks and other locations. Every stop I tried to learn or do something new. This meant that by the end of our trip I had dropped in for the first time and learnt to acid drop. Out in these small towns and on the entire trip the only girl skater was me! This is changing fast in cities but I can't wait for it to spread wider.

Skating is about dropping stereotypes and sharing a passion. Living and loving hard.'

Words by Holly V