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Sunshine Yoga at The Farm

Sunshine Yoga at The Farm

`Once a year go someplace you have never been before.’

Imagine having 15 inspirational girls in one place who all live their lives with a creative passion, individuality and sunshine in their hearts. This for us was a reality on Saturday 17th of October. Element Eden Australia reached out to like-minded girls from Brisbane to Byron Bay and bought them together to share the weekend.

Summer for us is all about living for the weekend and it was about time we set an example and shared with others what Element Eden weekends are all about!

The morning started with sunshine yoga at The Farm in Byron Bay with sensational yogi Tahl Rinsky. We placed our yoga mats in the farm barn over looking the fresh green grass and the seasoned sunrise. The pure Byron country air cleansed our soul as we patiently unravelled our creativity from within.

After `Namaste' we found our place on the delightfully dressed sunflower table and relaxed into the sun with coffee and Mayde tea. Smiles, laughter and girls making new friends complimented the happy atmosphere as we delved into our farm breakfast made from all the healthy local goodies.

The guests shared their stories and love for their creative passions; some being photographers, florists, athletes, foodies, artists, tea makers, designers, girl bosses and more. So much talent is one place. The vibe was real.

Once our tummies were full, we took the group for a farm walk around the open paddocks of Byron Bay stopping off at the orchid garden along the way.

We are so grateful to have shared this day with so many and we look forward sharing more weekends to come.

Live for the weekend!