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Stoke Skateboarding "Groms Go Off" Day

Stoke Skateboarding "Groms Go Off" Day

The good fellas from Stoke Skateboarding teamed up with Varsity Winterfest on Saturday the 13th of August and put on all ages beginners skate day at Mattock skatepark in Varsity. We had Element team rider Andrew Beauchamp mentoring and teaching the crew how to skate.

We hooked Stoke up with 30 Element completes so the crew that came down to learn had some fresh boards under their feet. There was also a bunch of prizes that were given out from Precinct Skate Shop.

"It was so great to see so many Groms and Parents having fun and getting into Skateboarding" - Glen Walker, Stoke Skateboarding

Thanks to Tamas Keefer and the Edit Suite for the photography