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So there´s an Element Eden video launch coming up...By Guest Blogger and Eden EU advocate Crista Leonard

The jet lag isn´t really getting any better, it might not help that we went out to Hollywood last night (ok, not exciting to those who live around here, but seeing the Hollywood sign was very, very exciting for me! TOURIST). So I´m here for tomorrow´s Eden video launch, at which I will be showing some photos from my ¨Air¨ series (some of the photos below) and for which Amber B Dianda has created an Eden inspired fanzine. The artists featured are:Brooke Reidt (USA), Juliana Neufeld(CANADA), Mi Ya Ando(USA), Amy Purdy(USA), Crista Leonard(EU), Sarah Larnach(AUS/NZ), Ishle Yi Park(USA) and Amber B DiAnda(AUS)

For those of you who are itching to know what will be featured in the zine, I´ve asked the amazing Amber B Dianda to share some of the content with me...

Amber B Dianda has been making zines since 1997 and loves everything about self-publishing!

The cover of the zines is inspired by the stop motion Amber created for the Eden video.

Some of the images featured:

Brooke Reidt

Sarah Larnach!

Juliana Neufeld

Amy Purdy has contributed two photos to the zine, ¨The first photograph was taken in Idaho, I'm so inspired by the farmland there and shot a photo on my phone of the soft sun peaking through the Cattails. I believe that the quote I have on there says " If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?" the second photo was taken while I was in Africa, I had an encounter with a big bull elephant and was able to get a close up shot of him. I love his eyes and wrinkles, they tell such a story! The quote I put on him was "what makes you unique, makes you beautiful."

I can´t wait to see the result tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos from the ¨Air¨ series I´m showing tomorrow: