The 80s is often considered the defining generation of skateboarding as we know it today. Nearly every skate spot, style of skating, and trick that we know today were defined by these brave pioneers. To introduce the 80s, we mimicked the classic cover of Mike McGill performing his namesake move, the McTwist.

Here's a look behind-the-scenes of our first 80s cover... Mark Appleyard, body jar in the deep end.

As we transitioned from the backyard ramps, ditches, and pools, skateboarding took to the streets (again). Evan Smith, backside 360 for our next 80s cover.

Here's a mockup of a cover that didn't make the video. Element Founder, Johnny Schillereff turns things upside down with a streetplant.

If you pay close attention, throughout the vid, the team are riding (seemingly) period-correct graphics. Here's a shot of Ethan Loy, Madars Apse, Tom Schaar, and Asher Bradshaw on deck.

We wanted to have the wardrobe and hardgoods be as close to the real thing. To do this, we had some iconic 80s graphics printed on adhesive vinyl. From there we could transport any board back in time.

Here's a step by step of Chad Muska turning his board into a new Natas Kaupas board.

This way everyone could ride a new shape with old graphics.

Sticker Wars

Chad Muska, back to the future.

Element Founder, Johnny Schillereff and Chad Muska take a break from the 80s.

Here's a look at us shooting Chad. From left to right; Oliver Barton (Photographer), Ryan Young (Director of Photography), Kirk Dianda (Director and Reflector), and Chad Muska (Talent).

Here's Ray Barbee from Powell Peralta's Public Domain. This video part defined street skating, proving that you didn't need anything; just your board and a little creativity. We recreated one Ray's famous flatground lines for the video...

Here's Ray on set and in costume, putting together his board. Sadly, due to time constraints we had to delete this entire scene from the edit. If you watch the behind-the-scenes video though, this line is in there, along with some other footage from the day.

To close out the 80s segment, we went to Santa Monica to reenact the famous boardslide by Natas Kaupas on a Toyota 4-Runner. Here's Natas, amidst one of the most famous (and crazy) tricks of the time.

With an unprecedented amount tricks that seemed impossible at the time, Natas Kaupas blew down doors, ignored common sense, and set the stage for street skating as we know it today. It was inevitable that we end our 80s segment with a tribute to this legend. Here's Madars Apse on a make-shift replica of the rollcage railslide.

Special thanks to Ryan Stucky who loaned his Toyota truck for this scene. Life is complete.

Stay tuned for the 90s, coming soon! - Thanks, Kirk #pasttopresent