Ready for the WKND?

Ready for the WKND?

It's that time of year again and thank god it's that time! The days are getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer. Its finally Friday and the weekend count down has begun.

Our obsession with checking the weather updates will soon become a reality. If only BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) would truly tell us what we want to hear?? Refresh. Refresh. As long as our screen reads blue sky’s, warm weather and sunshine right?

Every weekend should have long summer days at the beach, and fingers crossed this wknd will deliver. Grab a beach bag and pack it will all the essentials to complete your perfect beach outing.

What’s in our Element Eden first light beach bag?

Well the secret is; not only left over sand from our previous beach visit but lots of the following:

1. Sunscreen – there is nothing healthy about a tan

2. Water – and plenty of it!

3. Rising Panama hat – goes hand in hand

4. Towel - makes sense

5. Our Element Eden down town picnic blanket – perfect for sharing!

6. Book – #Girlboss will keep you laughing

7. Sunnies – what better way to read with

8. Lip balm – always

9. Snacks – why not? Health food store treats are the best pick

10. Coin purse – just in case :)

Enjoy your beach outing and feel free to share with us what you pack in your beach bag by commenting below.

Have a great weekend!