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Matt Ward is a behind-the-scenes super hero at Element. He’s that dude that bends over backwards for anyone, does everything for everyone, and skates like a mad man. So when the sad news came in that his car was broken into (during the video premiere of Nyjah’s video), everyone at Element banded together to help him out…

On Friday, Matt had the day off, so we sent a shoe box around the office, and everyone anonymously donated a couple bucks. The money raised was to help him and his family repair their car, but what happened next is where good turned great. The creative geniuses and illustrative icons, Todd FrancisBryan Arii, Esther Kim, Jerimy Lumia, and Bobby Sattler decorated each and every dollar bill to turn the dead presidents into pirates. You may be asking, why pirates? Well, because Matt and his family are certifiable pirate aficionados, just take a look at this family portrait!

Nevertheless, I was blown away by the pouring in of love, then the creativity, and wanted to share it with you. That’s a couple of bucks I’d never spend, and have framed instead.