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Passing notes...

Often it's when listening to the stories of others aspirations, dreams, designs, challenges and achievements, that we are most inspired.  We find ourselves inquisitive on each person's past and hopes of future... curious on the steps in their personal path and where it might lead.  Our Eden Advocates tell the tale well... for example, listen to Amy Purdy who inspired the LLG Collection or artist Brooke Reidt, who creates our most sought after tee designs!

Famous or infamous, following or leading... there are amazing women all over this world, each individually climbing a mountain.  It's sharing the placement of those strong footholds that will help you make it to the top with friends to share the journey!

And so, of course, we must share the story of our intern... and better yet, in her own words!  Help us welcome Ashley, and follow her experience with us Behind the Seams

... a little reminiscent of passing notes to your bff in the third grade about your idea on the answer to number four... but better, much much better!

Looks for Ashley's first post later today!