Painting with a purpose...

This past week I was given the opportunity to tag up a freshly built youth room in my home town. Any time I have the chance to do murals I am stoked out of my mind. Are you kidding?! I get to paint on walls…something that has always been a giant "no no" since we were little tots.

With each brush stroke I get more and more inspired. After each little section was complete, I would stand back and watch as the black hole that I had started with, was filled with light and life. But, what makes me even more excited is not the fact that I get the chance to do what I love, but to do what I love to make a dark place lighter.

We are all given so many gifts and talents, there is nothing like the joy of being able to use those gifts and talents to bring light into this world and make it a better, brighter place for the people we live life with.