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Our Favourtie China Town spots from around the World

Our Favourtie China Town spots from around the World

Our new China Town winter collection has us reminiscing on all the magical China Town spots from around the world.

Here are some of our favourites:

China Town in New York, lower Manhattan

A street away from teleporting to main land China. The China Town in New York is known for its street side oriental exotic dishes, not to mention the Chinese restaurants there will have you in awe of the flavours of the east. A visit to the Great NY Noodletown is a must.

China Town in Brisbane

The over arching traditional Chinese gates will welcome you to Yum Cha breakfasts amongst the Fortitude Valley city landscape. Here you will walk along aside cute market stalls perfect for you to find those velvet beaded slippers we all love.

China Town in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Old Quarter in Hanoi is a city size China Town full of side street pop up tea stalls offering green tea on small child like stools. Your rushed in and out, however the tea will always be boiled and flowing green for a morning or afternoon delight.

China Town in Malacca

You will experience one of the best deep tissue Chinese remedy massages amid the China Town streets of Malacca. Incense gone wild mixed with deep heat; a placid place to meet some of the friendliest people in all of Malaysia.

China Town San Francisco

Aside from the divine oriental dishes and Chinese trinket stalls, the China Town in San Francisco is considered one of the largest outside of Asia. Wonder around to find the famous street art scene that will take your breath away and colours to ignite the imagination.