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One Last Word of Advice… by Guest Blogger Asha K

Well it is Friday already, and I have had a great time being the guest blogger for Element Eden all week! I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts too.

For all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer is upon us and brings the promise of great times, vacations, laying by the beach, getting out and about with nature, and taking stock of our lives before the Fall rush and holiday season.

For all the Southern Hemisphere peeps, it’s the time to bunker down and get cosy with blankets, hot chocolate, home-cooked meals, family time, mid-terms and even trips to the snow, before the exciting end of year time that brings with it summer and Christmas!

I have decided to take stock of my thoughts and actions and make a change, even in my little world. Before I think of uttering a negative thing about someone, even a stranger, I will choose to focus on something that will build that person up, rather than tear them down.

Before judging someone by their appearance, smell, intelligence quota, hair-do, I will choose to think about what might be going on underneath the exterior, and that maybe they are waiting for someone like me to reach out to them in some way.

When I want to complain about aches and pains, lack of funds, people around me, the way food tastes, I will instead focus on how blessed I am to live in a country where I am free to do pretty much whatever I want, and that compared to some parts of the world, I am in the lap of luxury, therefore everything I have is enough.

If I always live for the future, I can never appreciate the now. If I constantly moan about my predicament, I can never realize what I’m doing is perfect for me right now. If I look with jealousy at someone else or negativity at another, I fail to see that what has been given me is an opportunity for growth and to better myself.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.  You can also tune into my web series each Thursday.
Peace out!
Asha K.