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On my way to LA! By Guest Blogger and Eden EU Advocate Crista Leonard

Hello, my name is Crista and this week I´m embarking on an adventure across the Atlantic and onto California for the Element Eden video launch! I left rainy and cold France at 8 am and flew a semi circle across the northern hemisphere (don´t you love watching all the countries you fly over on the flight monitor? It´s pretty nerdy I know but it´s so fun to think weeee I´m flying over Groenland!) and landed 11 hours later in sunny LA. I tried to supress my touristic enthusiasm as I boarded the bus to Union Station but seeing as I´m blogging here I thought, well I must take some photos on my way in and so allowed the tourist in me to stay glued to the bus window and take gazillions of pictures! So now it´s 5 am and I´m a little jet lagged, I´ll try getting a bit more sleep and then show you a little bit more about my surroundings later. This week I´ll also be talking to fellow Eden advocates about their lives and work as well as posting my photos and experiences of the West Coast so far. Thank-you for having me Eden family, I´m so excited! xx Crista

Bye Bye France

Hello LA...