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The Kansas City course seemed to have taken a turn for the tech, but Nyjah rolled with the switch up. And true to his mantra, Rise & Shine, Nyjah shined brighter than all expectations. His scores reflected accordingly; averaging a 9.2 in the Impact Section, something that few SLS pros have achieved once, let alone average on the regs. Is Nyjah unstoppable? With three-for-three first place wins at Street League this year, is it too late to ask if he can sweep? We're putting our money on it, but we're also a little biased. The bottom line is that Nyjah is skateboarding at a level that has never been seen before.


Here's Nyjah's mind-blowing victory lap; an ollie out to backside nosebluntslide on the double kink.

Nyjah steps into the arena, and floats a kickflip frontside boardslide. Photo by Joey Shigeo.

And here's the game winning gap to backside nosebluntslide. Photo by Joey Shigeo.

Head over to Transworld to see more coverage from the weekend, and also make sure check out Street League and their new feature, "ON DEMAND" which lets you watch footage of every rider, trick, and more. Stay tuned for the next SLS stop in Germany, June 27th - 30th.