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Element has assembled a formidable collection of twenty artists from Australia, Europe, and America for a two-week exhibition at Sydney’s Monster Children Gallery.


I grew up in the Australian country, on a farm were my brother and I would climb trees all day long. My favorite tree was a huge Fig Tree that was an apartment for bees, possums, bats, peacocks, and our chooks.


I am currently living in the city in California were there is a lack of trees and it makes me sad. I really treasure walking under my neighborhood trees and think of all the things they have seen way before I came to be there.


I wanted to make a creature that stood up for all the trees that live around us… The big lemon myrtle that lives on my corner whose leaves smell like lemons when you rub them. And the maple tree that is celebrating autumn by changing all his leaves to hues of reds, orange, and brown.


If you are in Sydney, Australia on November 4th, please go visit my Mr Unhappy tree at the Monster Children gallery, and then go sit under your neighborhood tree and learn all the things he can teach you. 


Happy Trees exhibition. Thursday 4th November from 6pm.

Check out more images of Mr Unhappy Tree here!