Momma foxy Roxie by Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

So as of Friday's post I made it back to home sweet home alive and more than ok. A little bit more bonkers than before but alive nonetheless. But I have yet to fill you completely in on why in the world I just up and left the perfect land of sunny California. I mean someone better have a pretty dang good reason to drive for 36 hours across the country to end up in the land of Missouri right?! Well I could not think of a better reason than to be able to work along side my hero, my roll model, my best friend, AKA my mommy! Once I get on a roll about my momma its hard to stop, but I have yet to find anyone who disagrees with me after meeting her.

Allow me to paint you a picture of “Momma foxy Roxie”.  From the times before I was a little tot, she has been creating, cooking, decorating, designing, caring, loving, teaching, coaching…the list is endless. Everything she touches turns and tastes like gold! She, above all else has every reason to boast and brag about all of her many many achievements yet I have never heard such of a peep of anything of that sort.

Momma Roxies mouth-watering food has always been in high demand among many. So you gotta give the people what they want right?! My mom being the amazing business woman and entrepreneur she is, felt inspired to create, yet another café. The last time I was visiting home I was able to lend a helping hand in the beginning stages along side so many of our talented and creative friends and family. It was amazing at how this café had turned into a project for so many of our loved ones. All giving and using their gifts to make this dream become reality. I have never been surrounded by such people, who were helping because they genuinely wanted to, not because of money, not because of recognition, but because they really love us.  After returning to California I could not shake the thought of maybe, just maybe traveling back home for a few months to work along side and grow with the most amazing woman I know and play in the Paint Box Café! Seeing as this dream too became reality I am honored to be able to share it with you and the many more adventures that the Paint Box Café and Lake of the Ozarks has to share!