We recently caught up with Element Advocate Mike Kershnar after his Laguna Beach, CA art show: People Are Strange. Here's his full report:

People are Strange

Thalia Surf Safari Art Show


  Where are the places we gather as skateboarders?  How do we celebrate where we come from and where we are going, by coming together now? Skateboarders tend to gather en masse in four places; video premieres, skate comps, tradeshows, and art shows.  Unless you have a team of shredders and a few years to film the video premiere is difficult to pull off and the other events are connected to prize money and industry, but art shows are very egalitarian, and relatively easy to pull off.  It’s wonderful that art shows are in the skate mix.  Art is so high brow.  There are art museums in every civilized country in the world, while skateboarding is so raw in the streets with society; at odds with it.  In ancient times, ritual and ceremony were a part of gatherings all over the world much like an art show.  Lucid states were induced and works such as sand paintings and cave paintings were created to honor hunter ceremonies, the changing of the seasons, or any significant event of the human experience.  Major themes were forces of light and dark, predator and prey, and life and death.  We no longer eat by the hunt, but the urge to gather and be transported to a ritual space lives in the human psyche. We naturally like to gather at sunset to celebrate and give and receive.


  At the people are Strange Art Show at Thalia Surf in Laguna Beach, people came to see the artistic stylings of Pez (US), Teen Witch, Francisco Agudo and myself.  The art had a narrative of passion, honesty, humor, and hunger.  The installations celebrated exploration and a new way of merging current popular art merits with primal ancient aesthetics. Guests were treated to a toast of pure agave, while candles swayed and sage smudged out a few blocks of Pacific Coast Highway.  Tributes were laid and the experience continued to a nearby beachfront campground, and into the morning with a rootsy surf session at San O.  The fire of exploration blazes as we hunt a meaningful and enriching life, coming together in the name of skateboarding, art, culture, and freedom.  We bring our collective consciousness one ritual space richer in the sum total of human chaos.   

Element Advocate Mike Kershnar and People Are Strange artist Teen Witch

Art on the Wall

White sage smudging the evening

The morning after; Artist housing.