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Migrations is a three-part series of behind-the-scenes footage from Future Nature, The Element Am Video. Shot on location in Mallorca, Costa Rica, and the Basque Country in Spain, this raw footage offers an in-depth look at Amateurus, the amateur skateboarder. Migrations stars Boo Johnson, Evan Smith, Julian Davidson, Madars Apse, and Nick Garcia.

Episode 1, Mallorca Migration is now playing. Mallorca, the Spanish island in the Mediterranean was the first of many stops while filming for Future Nature. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what we captured while stalked these animals through the coastline, mountains, and into the plazas.

Episode 2, Costa Rica Migration airs on Friday, August 31st. While following Amateurus for Future Nature, we ended up in the jewel of the equator, Costa Rica. We trailed the pod from the sunken seas to the highest mountain tops, surrounded by a volcanic skyline.

Episode 3, Basque Migration airs on Friday, September 7th. The final location of this exodus was the northern providence of Spain, known as Basque Country. We stalked Amateurus from Bilbao to Madrid, and everywhere in between.

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