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Marvin Shagnasty by Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

This post is one of my favorite additions that we created inside the Paint Box Café. My mom had a great idea on how to hide this beyond ugly post that stuck out like a sore thumb. As we were preparing to open the café we had all of our closest friends and family bring by a trinket or keep safe of some sort that meant something of special value to them to mosaic onto the post. Its so neat when someone pops in that has something stuck to the post and begins to spill about their story or why they stuck what they stuck into the post.

One of my personal favorite doo-dads stuck in the post is a hand full of golf tees. My brother and I stuck them in there in honor of my dad. All of his buddies would always refer to him has Marvin Shagnasty and he would never tell us why, until that one day came, when we were finally old enough. Long story short, he was quite the ladies man... or so we heard. Growing up He would sign his name as Marvin Shagnasty any chance he got and all of his lady friends literally thought that his name was Marvin. Now the nickname has been passed down to my brother Blake. After my dad passed away when I was young his best friend had these golf tees made for a good chuckle or two.

Here’s to you Kim o’daddy Kelley! You clever son of a gun!