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Make it count Element Make It Count South American Finals 2016

Results: Over 13 years:

1 Vinicius dos Santos
2 Edgard Lima
3 Lucas Alves
4 Lucas Rabelo
5 Kaue Kossa
6 Marden Matheus
7 Sergio Santoro
8 Henrique Crobelati

Until 13 years:

1 Igor Quintilhano
2nd Abner Pietro
3 Rodrigo Souza
4 Carlos Eduardo
5 Breno Franco
6 Luan Gabriel

Vibe Best Trick:
1 Luke Rabelo - Flip BS Noseblunt Slide the Handrail
2 Lenon - Switch Double Double Flip on September
3rd Leo Bodelazzi - Fakie Ollie BS Over Crooked Grind the rail

Element Make It Count 2016 Brazil was sponsored by Vibe , Netshoes and Stance and had the support of the City of São Paulo and Secretary of Green and Environment .