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The new issue of Kingpin Magazine is out, and they have named Element Rider Madars Apse "European Skateboarder of the Year" along with "Readers Choice". With a mind blowing video part in FUTURE NATURE and also the DC Europe video Where EU At?  >>> , plus an insane amount of coverage, it's now wonder that Madars took home the top honors. 

 To say thanks, we've released Madars's award-winning video part from FUTURE NATURE for free hereThe entire Element Am video is available on DVD and in iTunes.

Here are a few sneak peeks into the current issue of Kingpin. Make sure to pick up a copy of the mag on newsstands, or buy a digital copy here >>>

Getting a new trick at an old spot involves a lot of creativity- Luckily that is something Madars has a lot of. Backside Powerslide shuvit in San Francisco CA

Madars is known to be goofy at times, but theres nothing funny about this wallie 50-50 in San Franscisco, CA

The homeowners of this spot thought they had solved their skateboarder "problem" until Madars came to town. Frontside wallride in San Francisco, CA.

Congratulations Madars... The future of skateboarding is in good hands. #futurenature