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Element Advocate, Loren Humphrey and his band Guards are going to SXSW, and playing a jam packed schedule (listed below). And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Thrasher Death Match with live bands and a mini-ramp. The event’s sponsored by Converse, so our very own Julian Davidson will be there. If you’re in town, enjoy the music and mayhem, and we’ll see you there.

Loren Humphrey (Guards drummer) originally wrote and recorded the song “I See It Coming” for MAKE IT COUNT, The Element Story (chapter 4). Guards then reshaped and rerecorded the song, including lyrics written by Richie Follin. The song became one of the top singles on the band’s first EP, and was their first official music video. The video was shot in a mortuary, with an orchestra playing the live instruments which were originally multi-tracked. The end result is nothing short of amazing.

Guards are Richie Follin and Loren Humphrey of Willowz, along with MGMT‘s James Richardson and Madeline Follin of Cults. Loren has worked closely with Element for years, creating all sorts of exclusive music, including the MAKE IT COUNT soundtrack, the music for the FUTURE NATURE and RISE & SHINE trailers, a slew of commercials and look-book videos, and all of the music used for the MAKE IT COUNT Contest Series for the past three years.

For more information on Guards, visit them HERE, you can even download their EP for free.

And when you have time, check out their live performance on MTV HERE, with Loren and Richie rocking some Element Emerald gear! The two later came by the Element Emerald launch party at Saturdays in New York, as seen below with Johnny Schillereff (Element Founder).

Guards on the SXSW schedule, and details below.

Tuesday 3/13 WHITE IRIS PARTY 8:45pm @ Parkside 301 E.6th St.

Thursday 3/15 SMALL PLATES / ULTRA 8201 PARTY 2:15pm @ Lovejoys 604 Neches St.

Thursday 3/15 DEATH & TAXES PARTY 6:00pm @ Cheer Up Charlies 1104 E.6th St.

Thursday 3/15 WINDISH AGENCY SHOWCASE / PURE VOLUME HOUSE 9:00pm @ ND Studios 501 North IH-35

Friday 3/16 FLOATING FEST / HYPE MACHINE PARTY 10:00pm @ Hype Hotel 504 Trinity St.

Saturday 3/17 BROOKLYN VEGAN / PARTISAN PARTY 5:00pm @ Hotel Vegas 1500 E.6th St.

Saturday 3/17 CHEVROLET SOUNDSTAGE 11:45pm @ 612 E.6th St.

Photo credit: Amber B Dianda