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Introducing our `Learn Something New' November collection:

Being inquisitive and expanding your skills is one of the most satisfying ways to evolve and feel like you are gaining knowledge and life experiences.

With the rise in popularity of entrepreneurial women in the creative arts & business it’s easy to be inspired to learn new skills that will see your own vision become a reality.

Pick up that paintbrush, or cookbook. Grab your friends and enrol in a course.

With our hearts full of dreams we have designed a collection that is a blend of quirky polka dots and detailed border print fabrics that can be worn in twin sets for a playful vibe.

You are unique and the way you style yourself is a form of self expression that can be purely about fun.

We want you to feel great when you wear our clothes so we concentrate on the finishing touches right down to our hidden messages, because ‘we like you; a lot!!’