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#ELEMENTKEEPDISCOVERING stands for an inclusive and positive global movement motivating individuals to discover, find and learn new things in life through the avenues of skateboarding, art, music, contemporary subcultures and the outdoors.

Element ‘Made To Endure’ five pocket denim collection uses fabric spun by the famous Cone Mills Denim Fabric Suppliers founded in 1891 by brothers Caesar and Moses Cone in the United States.

Cone Mills Denim Fabrics are synonymous with high quality, authenticity and technology, which makes them an evident choice for Element’s ‘Made To Endure’ five pocket denim collection.

The collection embraces the timeless styling of traditional five pocket denim, an essential part of modern everyday apparel with its roots firmly planted in a heritage close to the heart of every skateboarder, the blue collar worker. Combing the assets of tradition workwear in heavy weight, durable construction and functional styling with the essential modernity in its flexibility.