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Just a few people we love...

Most photogenic person I know that hates having her picture taken...  painter and Element Eden Advocate Brooke Reidt

Discovering a new love for hitting the dance floor and ready to show everyone up at the next holiday party... Eden Designer Hether (right)

Could walk for days in Jeffery Campbells ... model Olivia (left)

My favorite visitor to the Element office... daughter of Element Pro Skater Chad Tim Tim (right)

Firecracker of pure joy... daughter of Element Eden Advocate Kendra Jones Morris (left)

Speak to her for five minutes and you'll think you've know her your entire life... Element Eden Europe Advocate and photographer Crista Leonard

Everything I know about the web I learned from... "Mr. Fantastic" MF, Element Media Director (left)

Best hugger on earth, people stand in line for one... Nick Element, Audio Visual Coordinator (right)

Discovers the most amazing thrift store flea market finds, with a style I can't help but compliment daily... Yvette

Could curate an art show in her sleep and wake up to a jam packed gallery of happy people... Torrey (right)

Her equally talented husband has a nickname of the color that never goes wrong... Blackey

I say it all the time, our girl Amber B has an amazing gift to capture the deep personalities of those she encounters with a single click of the camera.

Here are just a few people we love in the Element Family, that she captured during the private video launch event of "Eden: The Story of Element Eden", launching to public this September!

Enjoy more of Element Eden Advocate Amber B's work at

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