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Jake Darwen Wins Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown at WSSL!

Element Advocate Jake Darwen recently flew to Canada for an Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

The Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown is an unparalleled celebration of commitment to still images that capture both time and the human spirit. One of the most prestigious action sports photography competitions in the world, the OLYMPUS Pro Photographer Showdown has seen some of the top action sport and lifestyle photographers in the game battle it out for the title of Best of Show during the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Darwen competed against 4 other sport action based photographers:

Darwen won the competition with his enrapturing 8 minute photographical piece showcasing his experiences around the world through the life skateboarding.

This is 8 minutes of your time you truly wont miss!