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Jake Darwen's Showcase

Element teamed up with Advocate Jake Darwen on Friday 1st of December to hold one of the best photo exhibition events of the year at the Juddy Roller art studio in Fitzroy, Victoria.

The day started with a surprise announcement; turning regional rider Alex Lawton pro, surrounded by the cheers of his best mates at The Malthouse in Melbourne.

The Element skate team and some of Lawton’s friends flew in from Brisbane, Sydney and even the US to be there; all incognito for the big night ahead. It all got wild from there on!

Next, followed an exhibition of skateboard photography from around the world. Darwen showcased 25 of his favourtie prints, featuring Element pro riders from every region.

Lawton’s new pro boards dressed the walls, highlighting his new spirit animal; the chromatic koala.

Hundreds turned up to celebrate the successes of Alex Lawton and Jake Darwen. It was a massive night for Element and one that will be ingrained in all who experienced it!