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Jac Vanek X Element Collection: Quit Your Day Job

Jac Vanek's roots within Element grow deep… back when Jac was first launching her brand, our founder Johnny shared his "tools of the trade", with a  few words of advice to the trials faced starting a brand at a young age.  With Jac's passion, dedication, edge and unique style, her dream took off into reality, becoming a  powerful influence to an adventurous, free thinking, and goal-driven youth.

Step forward several years, and we find our paths crossing yet again, all sitting in a room, sharing inspiration,  mood boards and drafted designs that aligned too perfectly to ignore….  A perfect storm for collaboration! 

Element and Jac Vanek present the first collection of a four part series, summed up in the statement: "quit your day job".  Common responses we hear from this statement are anything from  "I need to pay the bills" to "Does that mean Element and Jac will be sending me money for food?"… Don't take it so literal!  We mean that you need to love what you do, enjoy everyday, and never wake up dreading the hours that lie ahead.  Be passionate, goal driven, confident and embrace the adventure of life!!  #GrowYoung with us!

Stay tuned for the next three collections by following #GrowYoung @JacVanek @ElementEden… more sneak peeks coming soon!

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