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Here at Element Eden, we are driven by the desire to inspire girls to follow their own path, and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative and fuelled with passionate hearts is what we strive to look for, with so many talented humans in our world expressing their creative mind, there’s almost too much to rave about! But we’ve had our bright eyes on someone in particular, we’re so excited to introduce you to the lovely Stanislava Pinchuk, otherwise known as Miso. Through the makings of her intricate artwork, tattoos and lifestyle, Miso is an inspiring and creative beauty, someone to admire and look up to.

Ukrainian born and raised, Miso finds herself working between Melbourne and Tokyo. Miso began making work firstly as a street artist, but has since come to work mainly as an exhibiting artist, working with paper and installation. She creates a lot of beautiful works with something so simple as a pin-hole to white paper. She embodies all the right kind of things that are seen within todays young talented artists. At only 25 she is an artist of many talents, from illustration to photography she’s ever so effortlessly winning over our hearts. Motivating, hard-working and incredibly talented there’s not anything we don’t love about Miso.

In the midst of a very busy schedule, she took some time out to have a chat and answer some questions!

Getting to know Miso a little more…

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? Your Ukrainian, and now live in Melbourne, how has your background and life events influenced your work?

I feel really, really indebted to growing up in Ukraine - I feel like I owe a lot to it personally, though i’m not sure if it really shows up in my work very much. Maybe the last show I did show it a little - live maps of the last months of political violence in Ukraine, which is an incredibly hard thing to watch, and being very far from home. I think it was the most difficult show I’ve made so far, but i’m really glad I did it.

2. How would you describe your artistic style? You are a street artist, tattooist and create amazingly intricate work through pin pricking and paper cutting - how does practicing so many artistic techniques collide together with such perfection?!

Thankyou! I guess I look at so much art, and am around so many different people with different practices, it’s a little hard not to experiment and try new things! Being self-taught, I feel like I have a lot of learning to get through - and I suppose being confident with a few mediums, always makes it a little easier to feel a medium’s limits, and pick up something new from that frustration, explore it, feel it’s limits, find a new medium… and so on, and so on.

3. When do you feel ‘In Your Element’

I’m on the move from work all the time - I really don’t get to go home much or have any routine at all… so i’ve become really good at being in my element anywhere I end up! But a beautiful, sunny studio with good music and plants is always a good thing.

4. Can you tell us about your simple life pleasures and how you spend your ‘me time’

…I’ve had two days off this year! A coffee in the sun is pretty good for right now. Working in my studio with my phone turned off, and a really good radio show where someone else is playing me good music and keeping me company.

5. If you could leave at the drop of a hat and travel anywhere it would be…

I actually do this all the time! I work until the last minute, book a flight and leave without telling anyone. And actually, I just did it this week. So i’m flying out to Tokyo on Friday!

6. Where do you turn to regularly for creative inspiration?

I never really feel drained for ideas - if anything, I feel like I have more than I can physically make! I think being an avid reader is a big part of that - always scrawling ideas, bookmarking things, researching. And museums, of course! Seeing shows, going to studios, listening to music all the time… it’s all good!

7. Can you tell us a little about your recent solo show Metabolism? You feature many of pinprick drawings, when did you start exploring this nature of art?

It’s been a few years, on and off - they used to be little details I’d put into paper cuts… until I liked the detail so much more, and they slowly started becoming whole works.

8. What are you looking forward to and whats your next big project?

After Tokyo, I’m making a monograph book in Paris with a really great publisher. She’s really great 0 we’re the same age, and have a really similar aesthetic. We’ve been swapping e-mails back & fourth all year, and we’ll make it in a week in the end. After that, I’ll be back in Tokyo again for a three month artist residency. Just a huge, free studio to make projects in - I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to make there all year! I really can’t wait.

9. What type of environment do you need to create your work and get in the right mind frame? Is is by surrounding yourself with plants? People? Natural light & big windows?

Because I travel so much, I’ve become really versatile with working in all sorts of spaces. In my own space, I don’t need much - it just needs to have a lot of natural light, and a clean desk. Making all white work… I do need a tidy studio! And plants are always a bonus. My house and studio are miniature jungles too, plants make me really happy to be in my space and come home. I really love looking after them and seeing them slowly change every day. I’ve never had a yard - so indoors I’m growing fig trees, monsteras, aloe, prayer plants, cacti, avocado, ivies, hoyas… everything i can! They move studios with me every time, so new studios always feel like home from the start.

10. What is your ideal way to spend time over a 24 hour period?

A coffee and a game of chess in the sun, a long swim or bike ride, some really productive hours in my studio… and maybe seeing some friends in the evening for a drink, a good gig and then reading a book in a bath in the very late evening with a glass of whiskey . That sounds really good.