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In My Element: Interview with Rachael Langham

In My Element: Interview with Rachael Langham

Introducing our beautiful Element Eden face for autumn; Rachael Langham!

Reach tell us a little about your self?

I'm Rachael! I just turned 20 which has been a pretty crazy step moving out of my teens. I grew up in Adelaide South Australia with my Mum, Dad and sister. I moved away from home when I was 18 to Byron Bay, then moved to Sydney and I've just recently moved to Melbourne! I can't stay in one place too long. Family is very important to me so living away from them is tough but it's helped me grow and also appreciate my family and life in a massive way. I'm also a barista/coffee fanatic and studying floristry!

What made you get into into modelling?

My Grandma had bought me a 'Be a model for a day' course with Pride models for my 14th birthday and was scouted from there. THANKS GRANDMA! I was with my agency for four years before I decided to freelance. I find freelancing is more suited to my life style.

What draws you into our brand?

I've known the Element Eden brand from the start as I worked as a stock manager at a surf store in Adelaide. The brand has grown so much in the past few years, it's diversity caters for a variety of personalities and style. I think that's a unique quality for a brand to have. Also the women behind the brand are some of the most humble, creative and inspiring women I've ever met.

What Inspires you?

I'd say I draw most of my inspiration from colours and other people. Colours really effect my senses and there for effect, my emotions. It's noticeable a lot in the clothes I wear; soft colours make me feel feminine and joyful, dark shades make me feel confident and important. My mood/characteristics change with my clothes. We all have role models but lately I've been more enlightened by new people that have come into my life. Whether it be through new experiences or simply from their own happiness. People are great.

How do you unleash your creativity?

I'm a professional dabbler, so I unleash my creativity in any way possible! My partner and I love to paint and craft but mostly for our own enjoyment. The end product isn't always perfect but I find so much pleasure in trying to express what goes on in my head. I have a background in contemporary dance, so I often express my emotion through movements if I can't get it out in words. It's always been my stress release. I'm also studying floristry at the moment, so I like to play around with different colours and textures of flowers to stretches my creative side!

What do you love to do on your weekend?

I normally work on the weekends as a barista so I drink a lot of coffee! If I'm not working I'll probably be at the beach with friends or searching for markets around the place. I live a fairly healthy life style but I've always got time for a drink and a little boogy!

Can you tell us about your simple life pleasures?

Flowers and coffee are my simple life pleasures. Seriously, hand me a cold drip and a bunch of peonys and I'll be the happiest girl in the world! 'Me time' is doing a bikram class. I get to escape for an hour and a half to concentrate on nothing but me. Apart form that, I don't spend a lot of time on my own, I'm too much of a people person!

Do you have a particular life motto that defines you and your life?

"To fall is to learn, to climb in to succeed" The most important lessons I've learn't have come from the darkest of times. I think that we should be grateful for the tough as well as the good times in our life as they help us grow and teach us strength and emotion.

Are you an adventurer?

My life has been one big adventure so far! I've moved around 3 different states in the past two years so I've always had a lot of exploring to do. I've met so many great friends that have taken me on road trips to hidden beaches and waterholes to camp or just wonder around.

What is needed to cultivate your life?

LOVE YOURSELF! There's been so much negativity around women and our bodies lately but your body is your home. It took me years to really appreciate who I am and how my body works but it's changed my life dramatically. Positivity is the key!


Find more of Rachael here: @sekkusu_